CanaryBit receives €420k through Horizon Europe

18 March 2022

Starting in spring 2022 CanaryBit will join the project HARPOCRATES to create the next generation of privacy-preserving data analytics services. The project is funded by the Horizon Europe program. It comprises a consortium of 13 universities and university hospitals, SMEs and regional administration bodies throughout Europe.

Participation in this project will help CanaryBit design new privacy-preserving and confidential data processing services for its customers. The project consortium combines cutting-edge expertise in cryptography and high-performance computing, along with expertise in data compliance, data management and confidential computing. Results of this collaboration will benefit both the consortium participants and the wider community.

Overcoming Challenges of Data Sharing

Big data combined with advancements in machine learning enable broad analytical capabilities for organisations across the spectrum. However, compliant data sharing across organisational and national borders is increasingly difficult. One reason is that the collection of granular and multi-dimensional personal data increasingly meets improved capabilities to cross-link data sets. Such challenges can be overcome using recent developments in privacy-preserving technologies and confidential computing. 

Cryptography meets machine learning

Project HARPOCRATES leverages novel cryptographic schemes to advance the capabilities of Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning and Federated Learning. The goal is to enable decentralised training, validation, and prediction on encrypted data. The resulting privacy-preserving services and secure computation will enable users to access cloud-based machine intelligence while maintaining verifiable control over data.

Digitally blind evaluation

HARPOCRATES will enable digitally blind evaluation systems in practical applications. The project will address sharing data in two cross-border contexts: exchange and aggregation of patient data for medical research and exchange of digital threat intelligence information. 

A Europe fit for the digital age

Project activities will support a Europe fit for the digital age, enabling and supporting digital innovation while highly preserving privacy, security, safety and ethical standards.  They will contribute to the implementation of the digital and privacy policy of the Union, in particular:

1) the NIS Directive – EU 2016/1148

2) the EU Cybersecurity Act EU 2019/881

3) the EU Cybersecurity Strategy – JOIN/2020/18

4) the GDPR – EU 2016/679

and future e-Privacy Regulation.


The CanaryBit team will share regular updates about our progress.

Stay tuned for updates!


Welcome Martin!

Welcome Martin!

We are happy to announce that Martin Börjesson will join CanaryBit as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Martin has a background as a partner in a Danish AI-start-up, 2021.AI but also as IT- Executive like CIO of Danish State Railways (DSB) and Senior Executive...

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