Early this year, CanaryBit was looking for a software developer to implement their Confidential Cloud Studio dashboard and integrate the solution with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

CanaryBit is solving a painful problem for organizations willing to collaborate by sharing sensitive data and running collaborative analytics – the lack of an EU-compliant, fully-encrypted-by-design solution for data collaboration and data sharing. The paradox is that some companies with exclusive datasets often times do not have the algorithms to process it, while other companies desperately need data to improve their algorithms.

CanaryBit reached out to Ada Beat for a senior full-stack developer with strong React, NodeJS and Typescript competence.

Ada Beat is a tech company that provides senior consultants from their two offices in Stockholm and Ho Chi Minh City. When CanaryBit reached out to Ada Beat and described their need for a senior full stack developer with competence in React and NodeJS, and preferably also competence in cloud computing and configuration management of cloud computing, Ada Beat were able to meet the need and supply a senior full-stack developer from their Vietnamese office.

When we started scouting for a Senior Full-stack profile, I immediately thought about Ada Beat. I had the privilege to work with many of its engineers earlier in my career, and I knew already what quality and professionalism to expect. Thanh, from the Vietnamese office, is doing a marvellous work on our solution, and his spirit and competence are literally making every big problem small. I am looking forward to a long-lasting collaboration with Ada Beat.

Stefano Cucchiella

CTO & Co-founder, CanaryBit

When CanaryBit CTO, Stefano, reached out to us with their need of a Senior Full-stack developer with competence in React and NodeJS we suggested a consultant from our Vietnamese office, Thanh. As with all our customers we look forward to a long term collaboration with CanaryBit and to accelerate their development of confidential computing.

Magnus Sedlacek

Leader, Ada Beat

About CanaryBit

CanaryBit enables compliant, secure and confidential data sharing for businesses and public authorities following EU regulations on data protection and processing. Their Confidential Cloud solution protects digital assets with Confidential Computing and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies.

About Ada Beat

Ada Beat is a tech company that provides senior consultants within software development and leadership for software development in roles such as developers, testers, project managers, product owners, team leaders and scrum masters. Ada Beat works at the forefront of technology with customers in various domains and sizes. We work in industries like fintech, telecom, video-streaming, industrial tools, and automotive.


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