We want to make a difference

We want to have company that embraces diversity, promotes inclusion and champions diversity, and we call on others to do the same

Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity are the foundation values that define our company culture.
We continuously review and redesign critical processes, trainings and policies to intentionally promote diversity and be inclusive by default.
This goes for recruitment as well as supporting equal opportunities to grow and develop when employed at CanaryBit.

Gender Equality

We want everyone to feel empowered, healthy and safe in their everyday working life.
We want everyone to have equal participation, voice and leadership in social dialogue.
We ensure gender proportional representation in leadership positions.
We want everyone to receive equal remuneration for work of equal value.

Wages & Career

 We all work to live our lives, pay our bills and do what makes us feel happy and fulfilled.
We want to enable all the above for our employees and thus we constantly monitor the wages in the market and offer fair wages that go beyond the statutory minimum wage set by government and unions.