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Paper review: Confidential Computing for OpenPOWER

This year's EuroSys conference included in its programme several papers with significant contributions to the growing field of Confidential Computing. In this blog post we will review Confidential Computing for OpenPOWER by Hunt et al, describing the design and...

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Review of the ENISA cybersecurity cloud-certification scheme

Just days before the end of 2020, the European Union Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) launched a public consultation on a new draft candidate cybersecurity certification scheme. ENISA's primary stated goal with this is to "enhance trust in cloud...

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Review of Confidential VMs in Google Cloud Platform

Google has recently announced the introduction of Confidential VMs as first, beta product in the Confidential Computing ecosystem. The new concept of Google's Confidential VMs builds on top of the existing shielded VMs technology and adds a layer of security to the...

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What is confidential computing and why should I care?

Cloud computing is widely used by individuals and organisations alike. It allows seamless data access across multiple devices, collaborative work and centralised data storage. However, using the cloud means a compromise in terms of data privacy, control over data...

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