We are happy to announce that Aron Klingberg joins the Board of Directors of CanaryBit

About Aron Klingberg

Aron is a lawyer specialised in data protection and information security law.  He has extensive experience working with the financial sector and cloud services including e-commerce, healthcare and government agencies. Moreover, he has a Master of Laws Degree from Lund University.  Aron Klingberg joins the Board of Directors of CanaryBit to bring this rich legal expertise to the company.  As a result, he will help define and assess customer legal requirements in their journey towards confidential data collaboration with Confidential Cloud.

Welcome to the team Aron!

About CanaryBit

CanaryBit brings together specialists passionate about Cyber Security, Cloud and Confidential Computing. CanaryBit makes confidential collaboration easy among Businesses and Public Authorities, protecting digital assets using Confidential Computing and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies. CanaryBit’s Confidential Cloud platform allows you to run your application or share your data in a hardware-protected environment – on public clouds or on-prem. Moreover, it allows you get a verifiable proof that your data or workload is protected from external attacks and the execution is compliant to EU regulations.

About CanaryBit’s Confidential Cloud

Confidential Cloud is the CanaryBit’s solution for Businesses and Public Authorities.  Confidential Cloud helps organisations collaborate using a secure, hardware-protected execution environment with safeguards from unauthorised access. Moreover, customers can run applications on Private or Public data in a Confidential Cloud environment. Get a proof both the environment is secured, and the execution is encrypted. Find new collaborators, unlock new use cases and discover unprecedented opportunities.


Standardising Confidential Computing

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CanaryBit supports Mobility industry leaders

CanaryBit is one of the eight startups selected for batch 10 of the MobilityXlab programme. The programme aims to co-create solutions with seven mobility industry leaders: CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact. The competition was...

2022: still growing, still independent, still us!

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