Confidential Cloud

Deploy and attest the security of cloud services in secure enclaves on public clouds.

Whether it’s a fine-tuned Machine Learning model, a complex IoT eco-system or a business-critical service, launch your application in a confidential enclave and get a proof you are in full control.

Why Invest in Confidential Cloud?

Cloud computing is today widely used by individuals and organisations alike. However, using the cloud means a compromise in terms of data privacy, control over data placement and data portability across cloud providers. While some of the challenges have promising solutions, there are still ways to access the processed data.


Obtain a guarantee proving the that the running code and data have not been maliciously modified.
All involved parties get a proof of the security of the service running


End-users can set up TEEs and run cloud services inside such protected environments and keep full control over data, both at rest and while being processed.


Process data from several sources without exposing the raw data. This is much more efficient compared to other, cryptographic solutions.


Automate security verification of the computing infrastructure, reducing time and costs. Also, process security-sensitive data in enclaves on public clouds.

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