About us

We are an independent team of specialists with years of experience and research in Cyber Security, Cloud and Confidential Computing.

The Founders

They have met during a tech event in 2015 and been friends on and off working hours since.

In 2020, they founded CanaryBit to bring to the market a fully-encrypted solution for sensitive data collaboration.

The founder duo are majority shareholders.

CanaryBit is a portfolio company of LU Holding.

Nicolae Paladi / CEO

Computer security expert with 10 years of experience in applied cryptography, confidential computing, cloud and distributed systems. He received his industry PhD in cloud security from Lund University in 2017 while working on several research and innovation projects at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Prior to that he was a software engineer at Klarna.

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Stefano Cucchiella / CTO

Cloud Solutions Architect with hands on experience in designing cost-effective and scalable cloud-based solutions for a wide range of corporate customers and public authorities. He holds a double-degree MSc. in Software Engineering and has extensive experience in product & service management, facing customers and turning requirements into concrete business value.

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Martin Börjesson

Data-governance Specialist

Aron Klingberg

Digital Lawyer
Board Member

Luca Staboli

Software Engineer

Babak Sadighi

Business Strategist
Board Member

Aldo Sebastiani

Sr. Advisor Cyber Security
Board Member


Remo Scolati

DevOps Engineer

Erik Larsson

Investment Specialist
Board Member


Pegah Nikbakht

PhD, Security Engineer


Over the Years


Leonardo’s Acceleration Programme

CanaryBit receives a follow-on investment from the Business Innovation Factory (BIF),


Mar 2022

Horizon Europe grant

CanaryBit receives €420k with HARPOCRATES, a project in collaboration with 13 European organisations


Oct 2021

LU Holding invests in CanaryBit

CanaryBit joins the LU Holding portfolio


Apr 2021

Horizon 2020 EU grant

CanaryBit’s CoCEM project receives €120k by NGI DAPSI


Feb 2020

CanaryBit was founded

On a cold Stockholm night, CanaryBit’s journey begins