Confidential Data Sharing

We enable compliant, secure and confidential data sharing for Businesses and Public Authorities following European regulations on data protection and data processing. We protect digital assets with Confidential Computing and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies.

The Core Technology

Confidential Computing


(…) a novel cloud security paradigm that allows to create isolated, verifiable and secure user-controlled trusted execution environments.


The Product

Confidential Cloud Studio

Run your application or share your data in a hardware-protected environment – on public clouds or on-prem.
Get a verifiable proof that your data or workload is protected from external attacks and the execution is compliant to EU regulations.

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Accelerating Confidential Cloud Studio

Accelerating Confidential Cloud Studio

Early this year, CanaryBit was looking for a software developer to implement their Confidential Cloud Studio dashboard and integrate the solution with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). CanaryBit is solving a painful problem for organizations willing to collaborate by...

Intel SGX vs TDX: what is the difference?

Intel SGX vs TDX: what is the difference?

Intel has been a pioneer in Confidential Computing by introducing Software Guard Extensions - better known as SGX - as early as 2013. It continues this trend with the upcoming Trusted Domain Extensions or TDX. But when it comes to Intel SGX vs Intel TDX, what is the...

CanaryBit has a new office space in Rome

CanaryBit has a new office space in Rome

Thanks to Leonardo Businesss Innovation Factory (BIF) Acceleration Programme and LVenture Group, CanaryBit has a new office space in Rome. Located at Rome - Termini Central Station, the LVenture Hub is the biggest innovation hub in Italy, with more than 130...

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