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We are an independent team of specialists passionate about Cyber Security, Cloud and Confidential Computing. We enable serene collaboration between modern Companies and/or Public Authorities, protecting the respective digital assets with open-source solutions.

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For a Verifiable Cloud Security

Deploy and attest the security of cloud services in secure enclaves on public clouds. Whether it’s a cryptocurrency wallet, a fine-tuned machine learning model or a business-critical service, you can launch it in a confidential enclave and get a proof of your full control.


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CanaryBit becomes member of GaiaX Sweden

CanaryBit becomes member of GaiaX Sweden

CanaryBit recently became member of the GaiaX Sweden hub together with several Swedish international big players, country's Administrative Regions and many other impacting companies; all supported by the Swedish Tax Authority. A shortlist of the current members: -...

Paper review: Confidential Computing for OpenPOWER

Paper review: Confidential Computing for OpenPOWER

This year's EuroSys conference included in its programme several papers with significant contributions to the growing field of Confidential Computing. In this blog post we will review Confidential Computing for OpenPOWER by Hunt et al, describing the design and...

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