Business Innovation Factory

Project Summary

The Leonardo Business Innovation Factory (BIF), in collaboration with LVenture Group, is a 3-year programme that aims to identify 30 innovative startups, and support their growth and scale.

Among 170 startups, CanaryBit was selected in the 1st edition with the opportunity to access further investment and develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) with Leonardo Cybersecurity business unit at the end of the programme.

Every year, 2 startups will be selected for a follow-on investment by Leonardo.

CanaryBit’s focus will be on Confidential Cloud Studio Dashboard and boost its adoption in market.



Funding Agency


Funds Assigned

€ 50 k

Project duration

6 Months




May – October 2022



Beta-release of Confidential Cloud Dashboard


Build the next 18 months Business Plan

Be selected & get access to PoC 

Final Results

“The first edition of BIF – focused on servitization and autonomous systems verticals – obtained great success: more than 170 applications and 41% of them were foreign. The analysis of the projects from the dedicated Leonardo’s team supported by LVenture Group led to defining a short list composed of twenty startups that include the best ten startups accepted by the first BIF’s 5-month acceleration program which concluded in October 2022 with the demo day displaying the results achieved by the entrepreneurs. Two of them – the Swedish Canary Bit (servitization area), which develops solutions of confidential computing for the safe management of B2B data exchange, and the Italian Volta Structural Energy (autonomous systems area), which produces structural ion aluminium batteries – got an investment from Leonardo.”

Leonardo, Press Release @ Rome, 24 January 2023 10:59