Our very first official dinner back in February 2020.

At the start of this year you could often see us in different restaurants around Stockholm, enjoying our nice dinner, having a nice chat while figuring out how to build our idea, find the right people and tools to help us out reaching our first milestone and build a company as total newbies.

Then March came and the pandemic too. No more dinners, no more face to face talks and our minds mainly focused on trying to stay safe.

We felt like starting a business with the wrong foot. Uncertainty was the common denominator for all markets and businesses and so it was for ours.

We then started slow, setting up our brand and websites, improving our idea and gathering people around our project, writing educational content, late-night internal meetings after daylight customer meetings, one week at the time.

We preferred to go a different path than the usual startup journey: full focus on solving the real technical issues for specific business cases rather than get a shower of money with a venture capital investment. The very traditional and clean way to start a company which is very hard to find nowadays. Someone will probably say this road will soon lead to a dead end but from the very beginning we strove to be “the ones in control” and give our customers a solid base of trust and growth.

2021 will definitely come with new challenges and D’oh! moments but after such a year where we all realised how sometimes it’s impossible to predict what the world will throw at you, you just need to keep on moving and we at CanaryBit are confident we will be able to see the positive side of every circumstance.


CanaryBit supports Mobility industry leaders

CanaryBit is one of the eight startups selected for batch 10 of the MobilityXlab programme. The programme aims to co-create solutions with seven mobility industry leaders: CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact. The competition was...

2022: still growing, still independent, still us!

Still growing. In our 2021 end-of-the-year message, we highlighted that growth will be the theme of 2022. And so it was. Both founders started working 100% on CanaryBit in January. It was a challenging year in many respects, but our ideas and solutions were validated...

Luca Staboli joins our team as Software Engineer

After receiving his M.Sc., double degree from the University of Trento and KTH Royal Institute of Technology within the EIT Digital Master School programme, Luca Staboli joins our team as Software Engineer. His thesis project on Trusted Execution Environments (TEE)...