Battery charge data analytics – a risk of unfair advantage for the competitors

1 November 2023

As we ride the electrification wave in the automotive industry, it’s vital to grasp that it brings a new set of privacy challenges for car manufacturers. One major challenge is ensuring we get the most out of those electric vehicle (EV) batteries by analyzing battery data. While EVs promise a greener and smarter ride, they also come with certain challenges.

The Suboptimalities of Electric Vehicles – From a Privacy Perspective

Lithium-ion batteries are the heart of electric vehicles. These powerhouses wear down as they age, affecting the car’s range and performance. Not to mention, they don’t all age at the same pace, making it hard to predict what to expect from a brand-new EV model.

Battery privacy is another critical concern. Data analysis is essential for optimizing battery health, particularly for individual users of electric vehicles, and it’s even more crucial for ride-sharing and delivery services. Battery suppliers for vehicle manufacturers, known as Original Equipment Manufacturers, consider battery lifespan and consistent performance as key competitive advantages and main selling points. Having accurate data on battery life is essential for their operations. Also, large fleet operators rely on third-party services for charge data analysis on a large scale. 

Unfortunately, these analyses may contain sensitive business information. Such services often state in their privacy policies that, for example, “it is not possible to completely protect the data against third-party access.” These terms open Pandora’s box and create opportunities for data monetization by third parties, potentially granting data access even to competing companies.

A robust solution: Confidential Cloud Studio to analyze battery data

By enabling secure data sharing, stakeholders can be sure to leverage battery data without compromising privacy or business interests. Data is shared through hardware-protected channels, safeguarding against competitors gaining unauthorized insights. Battery data can be available for predictive maintenance, performance optimization, and personalized services, to name a few. Explore Confidential Cloud Studio to learn more! 

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