CanaryBit unlocked Confidential AI with its first pilot customers

12 May 2024

During the last year, the CanaryBit team worked hard on five projects together with four of its pilot customers. The team used the services of its Confidential Cloud solution (Studio, Tower and Inspector) to run Confidential AI workloads and secure the customer’s infrastructure.

The projects validated several scenarios:

1) automated deployment of Trusted Execution Environment (TEEs) on Public and Edge cloud infrastructure resources;

2) verification of deployed TEEs for security and conformity assessment with and without Confidential GPU support;

3) running Confidential AI workloads on NVIDIA H100 for secure and confidential B2B collaboration

Thanks to the tight collaborations and close teamwork, CanaryBit demonstrated 1) the potential of its solutions and 2) the modular approach to integrate Confidential Computing technology in the customer deployments to fulfil stringent security requirements.

The projects focused on four evolving industries such as Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Automotive and Telco, where data protection and strong security mechanisms are becoming vital needs in the domains. Improved privacy and security of the data infrastructure showed several of the customers opportunities for future data monetization.

These collaborations will continue in the following years, with the customer’s main focus to either offer CanaryBit solutions to their market and customers, or integrate CanaryBit tools in their systems.

If you are also interested to run a PoC project with us to discover how CanaryBit solutions can help you improve your data and cloud security, get in touch!


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