Enhancing the circularity of electric vehicle batteries

REmanufacture, REcycle, REuse and REduce: Mälardalen University is addressing these four main aspects of Circular Economy in a new project enabling circularity of electric batteries. It runs the project in close collaboration with the Swedish industry.

The Circul8 (Smart batteries circularity) project enables circularity of electric batteries.  It contributes to the European Commission zero-emission target for vehicles by 2030 and enabling climate-neutral transport by 2050.

“Circul8 hopes to provide an excellent collaborative platform between industry and academia. This means that our partner companies can expand their knowledge and skills required to achieve their goals in various areas
says Koteshwar Chirumalla, Project Manager and Associate Professor of Product and Process Development at Mälardalen University.

CanaryBit is thrilled to provide access to its Confidential Cloud platform for secure data collaboration between the project partners. This way, CanaryBit will support secure data sharing to help parters investigate how to lengthen battery life, and help them reduce the environmental impact of batteries.

In this project, CanaryBit will work alongside a prominent group of industry leaders. The consortium includes Volvo Construction Equipment, Epiroc Rock Drills, Svealandstrafiken, Northvolt Revolt, ABB E-mobility, KPRO, IBM Svenska, Cling Systems.

Circul8 is one of the three projects between Mälardalen University, Örebrö University and Linnaeus University that obtained SEK 35 M funding from the KK Foundation. The Circul8 project received SEK 11,995,074.


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