2022: still growing, still independent, still us!

28 December 2022

Still growing.

In our 2021 end-of-the-year message, we highlighted that growth will be the theme of 2022. And so it was.

Both founders started working 100% on CanaryBit in January. It was a challenging year in many respects, but our ideas and solutions were validated and acknowledged in several markets and geographies.

Main Achievements:

– CanaryBit started the HARPOCRATES – Horizon Europe project to evolve its confidential data sharing platform with partners from academia and public authorities.

– Participating in the Leonardo Business Innovation Factory (BIF) was a rich learning experience with a great outcome.

– Some more upcoming great results we cannot share yet but will be announced in a few weeks time! 


Still independent.

Thanks to a blend of customer revenue and research funding, CanaryBit remains an independent company standing on its feet. Next year, we will welcome investors that support our mission to build secure and transparent services that bring sustainable value to our end-users. We strongly believe that future investments should not impact these priceless core values.


Still us.

The CanaryBit team grew with three new strong R&D engineers, one hand-picked and experienced Board of Directors, and two creative consultants in Marketing & Sales. We all worked together with that genuine synergy that is hard to come by. We take this opportunity to thank you all for this exciting 2022. The first customers are ready to be onboarded, new ones ready to be discovered. The coming year will be intense and fun.


CanaryBit wishes all its customers, partners, and readers an exciting, collaborative and secure 2023! 🍾


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CanaryBit joins ABB ‘s innovation growth hub SynerLeap

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2023: more business, more challenges, more success to celebrate

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