2023: more business, more challenges, more success to celebrate

28 December 2023

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, we have found ourselves at the end of yet another year.

2023 meant a lot to CanaryBit: it brought more business and challenges but also set the ground for growth for several years ahead.

Let’s rewind the year before it ends and let us remember the milestones we have achieved.


New Business

We started new business in different industries, which validated the value of our products in different domains.

We bootstrapped two pilot projects with three global partners in the Automotive industry within MobilityXlab. One of these projects will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show – CES in January 2024.

We completed a Pilot project in the Aerospace & Defence industry together with the Leonardo’s Cyber & Security team. Given the results of this work, two more projects have been commissioned for 2024.

We bootstrapped a new project with a Fortune 500 company in the Electrification area (more in Q1-2024).

We approached new industries with positive outcomes expected in Q1-2024.


New Research Projects

We engaged in two new research projects:

Circul8 –  The goal is to extend the life of electric vehicles while addressing electrification, circular economy and digitalisation.

iSecure – The goal is to develop predictable and secure IoT solutions for autonomous systems with secure and confidential data sharing.


New Product Releases

The development of our products and solutions continued at full speed. We released the first versions of our services with full DevOps pipelines in place to better orchestrate, verify and handle customers requests and environments. These services are today already in use in our customers’ environments to protect data at all stages.

Finally, we enabled support for Confidential GPU and Confidential Containers now that the technology behind them matured drastically and it doesn’t require any customized approach.


New team members

Remo joined CanaryBit as DevOps engineer. It didn’t take long for him to well integrate with our team and to bring concrete value to our software products. Welcome, it’s great fun to have you with us!

Also, the team is growing in other European countries, where we established strong partnerships with local experts to support our customers’ journey and adoption of our solutions.


Getting noticed

CanaryBit has been awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) as one of the TOP-100 research projects in 2023.

We presented our products and projects in a countless amount of relevant events, including among others the Confidential Computing Consortium Summit, Cybertech Europe and the European CyberSecurity Organization (ECSO).


What’s next

We cannot predict what 2024 will bring us, but 2023 has definitely set a solid baseline of expectations.

We already know that some projects will continue throughout 2024 and others will start in Q1.

More news about milestones achieved at the end of 2023, will be shared in the following weeks.

Time to tear off the last page of the 2023 calendar. Thank you for being with us this year, especially to our employees and their close ones because, as we usually say, “that’s who makes this happen!”.

Wishing you all a successful and happy new year! ✨


The founders of CanaryBit


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CanaryBit supports Mobility industry leaders

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