CanaryBit joined the NGI DAPSI incubator

11 May 2021

CanaryBit joined the NGI DAPSI incubator with its CoCEM project. CoCEM stands for “Confidential Computing Enclaves for the Masses” and is an automation tool for confidential computing environment deployment.

What is DAPSI?

NGI DAPSI (Data Portability & Services Incubator) is a 3-year EU programme. It empowers internet innovators to develop new solutions in the data portability field.

DAPSI supports top-notch projects through a 9-month incubation programme. Experts will provide a successful working methodology, access to top infrastructure, training in business and data related topics, coaching, mentoring, and a vibrant ecosystem. Moreover, each DAPSI project can receive up to €150k equity-free funding.

CanaryBit joined the NGI DAPSI incubator with its  “Confidential Computing Enclaves for the Masses” (CoCEM) project.

Cloud computing enables seamless data access across multiple devices, collaborative work and centralised data storage. However, using the cloud places constraints on data confidentiality and privacy. Moreover, users have little control over the geographies and jurisdictions where data is placed, and that is exacerbated by poor service portability across cloud providers. While some of the challenges have promising solutions, these promises remain unfulfilled. To help this, CoCEM aims to design and prototype an orchestration service for Confidential Computing workload deployment. As a result, this will make it very easy for users to deploy confidential computing enclaves in the cloud.

How does it work?

During the DAPSI programme, the projects will develop technical solutions to help Data Portability. In the first phase (Kick-Start phase) the teams will have around 5 months to address a use case. After an assessment made by a panel of qualified experts – and based on milestones and results achieved – the teams will be invited into phase 2 (Booster phase). The use cases will then be fostered for 4 more months. This time will be used to mature the projects and gain enough traction for deployment. Soon after, they will be ready for the market.

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